Monday, January 16, 2012

Hello Bloggers!
Miss your faces 
The good news is that I have lots to fill you in on.

Christmas rocked. My hubby is wonderful and bought me boots

And a food processor  that I was so desperately in need of.
and lots of other gifts but these were my favorites :)

I’m sure that will mean that there will be plenty of recipes coming soon.

 Me and Sis

I have decided against the new years resolution this year.
I always get so annoyed with people who do resolutions for two weeks…myself included.
I think I hang tuffer with my LENT promises than I do my January resolutions.

I did a trip to texas to see Jared’s  family over christmas. It was weird not to be home for new years eve with my friends.Felt wrong somehow. Like starting the new year off on a awkward foot.
Also in texas they still let people smoke inside restaurants an bars. 
By the end of the night it was hard to breath and my eyes were seriously burning. 
I hate to sound that way but that you OHIO for the NO SMOKING BAN!
I did manage to snap a quick photo after the ball :)

its so hazy you can see the
We did get a chance to check out some cool stuff like the Houston aquarium!

 We also went to NASA..."HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM"
Don't go to NASA....Unless you are under 10.
There was not that much to see and the lines were like 1.5 hours to take a trolly tour of the NASA campus and you couldn't really even see anything.

I also tried my first What-a- burger...I will just say I dont get what all the hype is about!
 Tastes alot like burger king...I love BURGER KING. 
Thats prolly not something I should admit...shame

Ohio got its first snow storm...UGGG. 
I hate when my pants get wet at the bottom...gross!

Since  with my new job  I am visiting High Schools everyday, it is very possible I may be getting a snow day in the near future! Wahoo. Let hope that I have like 10.

I just downloaded the 10TV app which shows school closing and delays! AWESOME.
Where was this when I was in school. 
I actually had to get out of bed to watch the news and wait for my school listing to appear. 
I feel this is an important right of passage that maybe student are missing out on. (Course I wished I didn’t have to get out of bed only to find out I can sleep in…jealous much)