Monday, October 24, 2011

Misc Monday

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We went to a Halloween party this weekend. I saw this idea on Pinterest.
I went as a bag of Jelly Belly's and Jared went as one of the Greasers from the movie "Grease." 
You should have seen us trying to get to the party....
I had to ride in the back seat sitting on my knees so that I would not pop any balloons! REDIC

Lauren dressed as a Geisha...ironic?!

  I went to a cooking class a couple of nights ended up going pretty long so I text Jared to tell him to go ahead a eat without me. 
This was his response!???? 
What am I the little house wife?

Congrats to Mike and Star who got married recently.
Here are a few pics from the venue.
I'm a bad pics of the bride and groom?

They had a photo booth with different sizes of mustaches!
Hysterical and so fun. 
Wish we would have had one of these.
Jared was having lots of fun trying the mustaches...this one looks just like his dad.

Us at our table

I love fresh flowers on a cake.
Its so pretty!

I'm leaving today on a plane to go do new job training in DC!
Yikes....I'm a little nervous. 

Prayers would be appreciated :)

Hopefully I can see something cool.... Like this

I kinda doubt it though.
I hear training is long and that I'll have stuff to review/study at night.
Oh well....I'm really excited about my new job!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We Have A Winner!

 Well Folks...
We Have a Winner!
I'm not fancy enough to figure out how to use the random number generator and attach to my page yet.
If you have some tips for the future you will just have to let me know.
I use 
Out of the 16 people who enter...
Lucky comment number 7 was the winner!
Heather at From Here to There said...
WOW! That is adorable! If I don't win, I'm gonna have to make one myself! I'm already a follower!j
Heather send me an email so I can your mailing address.
Thanks so much for everyone who entered!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

26th Birthday!

Its a big day for me
Its my 26th Birthday!
Not that i'm happy to be getting older
I do really like cake and presents thought ;)

I plan to have lots of this!!

I think I will go purchase myself this birthday dress too

Other than it being my birthday... today is my last day at my current job
I start the new job Monday...I am very nervous
If you missed my post about working for the Culinary Art Institute you can find it here
I am very sad to be leaving some of the girls I work with
They are great and I love them lots
Ashley wrote me such a sweet card today to celebrate my leaving.
She even went out a got me a birthday present.
She is so sarcastic and hilarious and I LOVE HER!
you can even find her blog over here

She got me a candle...

....and cookie scoops...since I've been talking about how I need them. So week!

Last but not least...
Don't forget today is the last day to enter my GIVEAWAY to win this

Monday, October 17, 2011

Cedar Point and Giveaway!

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Winner will be selected tomorrow the 18th

 Happy Monday everyone!
Tomorrow is my last day at my current job...BAHHH
I'm starting to get nervous about leaving now that I know my new job starts next weekend

I recently went to cedar point with some of my friends.
I have done some recent posts about Ohio attractions so I would imagine your are tired of hearing about it.
So here are some pics instead

Melissa needed a pillow so dave was providing one with his hand

Outside the theme can see the flags in the back

Me and the Hubs

Me and Melissa waiting in line for rides

Some of the group!

every time we go to a theme park Jared insists on dippin dots

We also got a chance to go downtown this weekend and - the crazy eyes....I thought this was a really great picture of the people I love! Heart you guys! 

Have a great week!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Festival

Happy Friday Ladies!
So Glad it is the weekend....I have been loving all this fall weather and am dying to have some days off to play in it!
I am linking up with Long Distance Loving for Friday Fancies
I picked these awesome are they? Why are all the amazing boots suede?
I hate that I live in snow/rain country and suede just does not make sense!
Oh well.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mini Giveaway!

Good morning everyone...Happy Thursday.
I wanted to do a mini giveaway!
I'm calling it a mini because I did some crafting a few nights ago with my girlfriend and our projects turned out to be a success.

I found the idea while I was pinning...
Of course I immediately put it on my DIY board. 
You can find the originator of this idea here 
You can also follow me on Pinterest here

So this inspired me to try it for myself. hair looks a hot mess!

So they turned out pretty good and I ended up with two of these little babies.
I don't think it is necessary to have more than one so I thought I would put it up here and see if someone would like to have it by entering a mini giveaway!

To Enter:
Simply be a follower of my blog and leave me a comment saying that you are

I'll pick a winner on Oct. 18th (since it's my birthday)
Seems like a good day to give someone else a little present :)
I'll contact the winner by email to get your address

Good Luck!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

We are half way though the week
It is time for another addition of What I'm Loving Wednesday.
I'm linking up with jamie....stop over and link up too
All my loves are from pinterest this week...go figure!

Love this whole outfit...prolly would upgrade the boots for boots with heels!

Looks so comfortable

Love these shoes! Need them in black too

I love this watch...I think I would like a darker brown though...just thinking

I love her curls but not her sorry to be harsh first thing in the morning

Very cute!

I think I have to do this. I love stinking cute

I love the idea of these little would be cool if you used the text from your favorite book to make it too

Last but not least...this made me chuckle and is totally true!

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week and can hang on till Friday!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

DIY rosette braclet

I recently saw this super cute bracelet courtesy of Pinterest
Someone made cute little rosette's and attached them to a piece of cut ribbon.
You need a piece of ribbon long enough to tie around your wrist in a bow.
You can pick any color and fabric that you want.
You need about half a yard of fabric. More if you want bigger rosettes than mine.

Cut into 1.5 inch strips.
you need about 5 or 6 rosette depending on the size of your wrist

Take cut strips and twist until entire strip is wrap/twisted
Then you can tie a baby know in the end and start winding the rest of the strip around the knot
Its easiest to keep flower on the table so it keeps its shape
Then after it is done...glue end of string to side of flower.
To hold flower glue the back of the flower to a piece of felt.
Then line up flowers on the want them tight together.
Hot glue flowers into place on your Ribbon

I dont think this picture does the bracelet justice but they turned out so cute!
I'm going to make more in extra colors :)

I made this one too!

We also stained our neck. It was way overdue....check it out!
Thats the hubs walking away from the picture!

Also a bit REDIC! I saw a christmas tree this weekend at Home Depot...WTF?
It was only Oct 8th?

Happy Crafting Tuesday!