Wednesday, August 31, 2011

5 foods & edition

Today's Challenge are my five favorite foods. This was really hard to narrow it down because I love food! Since it's Wednesday I'm also linking up the food I love for What I'm Loving Wed. Sponsored by Miss Jamie...check her out here

Chipotle-need I say more!?

 Brownies-preferably warm but I don't discriminate

I LOVE C.Chip Cookies. I'm still trying to learn to just eat one!

I love pasta! I could eat it twice a day! It does not matter what sauce..I will eat it

My grandma makes these little gems homemade... there is literally nothing better! so yummy!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

6 Places

Today I am sharing 6 places. I decided to share with you a few of the places that we have been.

This is a picture of us at the resort in Jamaica

 Here is a picture of us in London. Note to future travelers....the telephone booth smelled terrible. I think that people use it as a Lou on some occasions. This is why the door is open!

This a picture of me in Mexico on our honeymoon....We watched the sunrise on our last day before we had to catch a plane home.

This is one of my favorite places we have visited in Dublin. They have this waterway "The Liffey," that cuts the city in half almost. They have created a lovely walk-way on either side so you can walk by the water. There was this cute little cafe that was there selling delicious!

This is us outside the OSU stadium. Its fitting because we love Ohio and are Buckeye fans.

I included this picture because this is the next place that I'm dying to go. In case you couldn't tell my the architecture this is Greece and it is so gorgeous! I hope to see this with my own eyes some day.

Have a great Tuesday!

P.S. Did anyone see this? 
So sweet! 

Monday, August 29, 2011

7 wants...

Today i'm suppose to tell you seven wants but I think I have had seven wants in the last hour. So I'm going to show you a little of my online shopping baskets! tehe.

Well that was six really superficial things that I want... so for luck number seven....

# 7. I WANT "World Peace"

Happy Monday Everyone

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Face Lotion....

Alright ladies I need your knowledge. I have currently been using the Clean & Clear daily face lotion. I have liked it pretty well but I am not really getting enough moisture. I am looking to switch to a new product or brand. I am calling on all of your experiences to help me out.
What do you use? 
Is it oil free? 

I'm looking to spend under 30 bucks....suggestions?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Nicole/Friday Fancies

Tomorrow is my best friends birthday She is sharing, caring, loving and funny!

                               Go give her some love today!

I am also linking up with Long Distance Loving for Friday Fancies. I look forward to this all week. This week we are putting together our selections for a wedding. I chose to do my design for a bridesmaid. what do you think?  Also if you are wondering how we are putting our outfits together go here.  You can start an account and put together your own dream outfits.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

8 fears

Today I'm am sharing my 8 fears:

1. I'm terrified of debt. I know it sometimes a natural part of life but I hate it. I have school loans that are a ridiculous amount of money and I think this is why I am so scared of debt.

 2. I am scared of mice. I don't want to every catch you at my house!

3. I am scared that Jared will pass away and I'll be all alone and I wont remember how to be independent anymore.

4. I am scared of gaining weight. I am a curvy girl and have fluctuated lots in my life but I'm still freaked out about it.

 5. I am scared of drowning. I hate that feeling when you are out of breath and not yet to air. So scary

6. I have a fear of failure. I hate when I put my name on someone thing and it does not turn out well

7. I'm scared of being laid off. Especially in this economy

8. Lastly I'm scared of spiders. I hate when I come across one especially in my house. All I can ever think about is that statistic that says you swallow so many bugs in your sleep a year. DISGUSTING

Do you share some of my fears or am I completely abnormal?

Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What i'm Loving & day 9 of the challange

This is super convienent. Not only is it what i'm loving wednesday it is the nine love of the ten day challange. Two birds with one stone! If you want to link up with Jamie for what i'm loving wednesday you can find her here.
                          Heres my 9 loves:

 1. I love my hubby

                                                                  2. I love my family

                                                                  3. I love Redbox

                                                                 4. I love to travel

                                                                 5. I love pumpkin roll

6. I love fall

7. I love boots

9. I love pumps

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I have decided to take on the Ten Day Challenge. In part because I don't really post things like this and it will be a good way to get to know all of you better.

#1. I secretly love my freckles. I pretend that they sorta bother me because none of my friends have them...but in reality I swear that it helps hide my skin imperfections. Whenever I complain about a breakout people always say WHERE? It my secret camouflage!
#2. I have a tattoo....and I plan to get another. I hope my family is not reading (karen & deedee) ;)
#3. I do not wash my hair everyday. I prefer it on the second day. It just cooperates a little better

#4. I sometimes stash money...from everyone! (hubby included)

#5. I fantasize about getting flowers at work and being called down to the desk to get them in front of everyone. I won't tell Jared though because I want him to think of it on his own. Hope he does not read this post. That would totally kill it. Don't get me wrong ladies he gets me flowers just not delivered.

#6.  I have never colored my hair.... I have wanted to really bad but am a total chicken.

#7. I love coupons/discounts/BOGO. I love to save money...I don't know but I get such a kick out of a discount. I'm weird....I know it!

#8. I secretly wonder if I will love my future children as much as I love my dog? (BAD MOMMY)\

#9. I miss the days of non joint bank accounts! Oh how I miss the freedom

#10. I dream of having a very cozy reading nook that I can lay all day in.

Happy Tuesday... Stick around for the next challange!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Cross it off the list!

Cross it off the list!
A few weeks ago I started my 30 for 30 list that can be found here. I came up with some stuff that I wanted to do in the next couple of year. One of the things on my list was to can something the old fashioned way. My mother of course reads my blog and jumped right in to help. We decided to can some salsa. Let me tell you this is a decent amount of work. My hat is off to people who do this for more than one veggie. We decided we wanted to make some salsa to keep. My mom went to the farmers auction and bought massive amount of tomato's. A ten pound crate was 3 dollars!  SO CHEAP!Can you believe that!? Grocery stores make me sick ( I'll save that for another rant).

So I set to work cutting the top core off a load of Roma tomatoes. Then we processed them
Then we added processed onions
Then a lot of cilantro
lime juice
bell peppers
a few hot peppers
I decided to do half the batch with corn and black beans! nom nom
I don't think we really measured anything we just kept adding and mixing to the pot till it looked like salsa. Then we would taste it and add a little more of something else.

Here is the batch with all the ingredients!

Before- during- after (span of 4 hourish)

The finished product!

I was alot of work but the salsa turned out so good! I think it is better than what we normally buy in the store. Now I have plenty of salsa to last for several months.

While I was inside slaving away over a hot stove I noticed one of my fur babies was missing. I went outside to track down the little baby and what did I find. A very guilty WET DOG. She had taken it upon herself to walk down to the pond and do a little swimming! BAD DOG. She was so stinking cute and guilty that I didn't really have it in me to be mad at her. I mean how often does a city dog get to swim in a pond. I am sure the temptation was just to great for a golden retriever!

Have a Happy Monday everyone!

Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm Guest Posting

Hey Everyone! I'm doing my first guest post today for the lovely Krysta. She has a cooking blog and she comes up with the most creative recipes. A lot are vegetarian too! Go give her some love.

Check out my Post here about Slow Cooker Salsa Pulled Pork

Back to school- Friday Fancies

Back to school

Back to school by michelledemarsfrench featuring beaded bangles

Printed Tiered Twofer Dress
Valentino Ruffled satin-twill trench coat
QUPID System Platform Womens Shoes 172390750 | shoes |
Clutches Women
2028 Jewelry Blue Lux Cut Beaded Sparkle Bracelet
Disc-Ball Sparkle
Thaila's Cluster Style Sapphire Blue Cubic Zirconia Ring

Some of you many have seen this already. I am apparently a premature poster. This is the outfit I would wear if I was going back to school. This may be more like college back to school though :)

I'm linking up with Long Distance Loving for Friday Fancies.