Sunday, December 18, 2011

Secret Santa

Hey everyone!
The countdown is on...
I hope all you little elves are done shopping.
I live very close to the mall and the traffic is out of control.
I would not want to still have stuff on your list with only a week left
The mall isn't the only place that is packed....
I had to go to the post office this week and mail some packages...
I thought i would be strategic and I went at 4 since most people don't get off for another hour...


I had to wait in line 45 mins just to use the self-service machine! NUTS

Onto better news...
We recently had a Christmas party and I said I would post pics because I thought Jared looked so cute!
We even match! lol 
This was not acutally intended but just came out that way.
Turns out it worked pretty well together.

We went to the party with steve and annie

Well it turns out that Steve got my name in the secret Santa drawing.
he was not sure what to get me so he got on my BLOG!!!
How awesome is this!
He read my thirty for thirty list and saw that I wanted to learn how to make PHO (Asian soup)
He found me several recipes and then got me the authentic dishes to serve the soup in.
I  was so impressed! I thought that was so thoughtful.
I was it.
I will be learning to make the soup soon and be sure to share it with all my followers.

In other news..
I really love hole in the wall dinners.
I think there is something special about it.
Well I found one called "Eats and Sweets" when I was in a little town for work this week.
I walked in and there was maybe 3 customers.
It was a huge piece of bologna and I eat like 1/3 of this sandwich.
SO CHEAP...all of this for $4.69...crazy
Super fast too.
Love little dinners!

Have a great last week of work before Christmas!!


Kristen said...

That's too funny that you matched! And what a thoughtful gift! :)

I love hole in the wall places as well.

Stesha said...

you two look adorable in your matching red and black!!!

Classic & Bubbly

Married...with a Pup said...

That photo is way too cute; I love that you're matching! And that is such a thoughtful gift! Oh, and I HAVE to agree with the traffic....carazy!!!

Ashley said...

Love the photo of you and jarred :)