Monday, March 26, 2012

Homemade Vanilla

Hello everyone!

I recently head that you can make your own homemade vanilla for baking.
I was intrigued so I decided that I wanted to look into this.
Turns out good old vanilla is just basically the beans and vodka.
I had no idea.

I went onto amazon and bought some Madagascar vanilla beans
There are two different kinds that I found Madagascar and Tahitian vanilla beans.
After doing some reading Madagascar beans were what we needed for the recipe.

First we need a bottle with a secure stop to age our homemade vanilla

Then we need whole vanilla beans for the recipe - I used eight beans

Then you need to cut the bean length wise and scoop out the pulp on the inside of the beans.
Both the pulp and the beans are going to go into the container but this helps the process to be sped along.

 After you get the beans and the pulp in the jar...cover the beans in vodka. I would suggest getting a decent brand according to the recipe I found. 
Then every 3 days or so you want to give the bottle a good shake to help the process along.
Don't open it for at least 3 weeks.
The longer you wait the better it will taste

Hope this is something useful if you want to try it.
Also to do this it cost me like 15 dollars and that is alot of vanilla. 
Not to mention the tiny bottle at the grocery store is almost 5 dollars.
Try it out :)


Kayla said...

That is so neat! I might have to give it a try! {BTW, will you post out it turns out when you do use it?}

Thanks for the post! :)

Krysta said...

I made vanilla for Christmas one year! Fun.

Miss Amy said...

I had no idea it was vodka?! wow!