Friday, November 18, 2011


Hello Blogger world! 
My life has been CRAZY!!
SO two weeks ago they flew me to DC to do training for my new job with the Art Institutes!
I was semi geeked thinking I would get to do some sight seeing!
NOPE....NONE...Total bummer
I was in this area called Dulles- Which is super weird because they say it just like DALLAS.
Anyway my flight was book on these tiny express planes.
It looked like a tuna can with wings!
It felt like the pilot was actually flying this thing..none of this auto-pilot thing!
I have never had to board a plane from the ground=surreal
This is a picture of one of my flights, but I flew on much smaller planes.

So I made it though training. Unfortunately I was in Dulles which is actually 45 mins from the city.
no trains.
I didn't see a single sight! total bummer
Not that I would have had time. 
I spent my nights studying for the next day

So this week I have been back in Ohio job shadowing.
I went out with a girlfriend of mine which was actually pretty fun.
It does not feel like work when you can hang out with a girlfriend all day.
Well the school she was speaking at was under construction.
we didn't know where to park and ended up parking in this grassy abandoned area.
Next thing we know the car got towed!
The teacher had to leave school take us 15 mins to the impound lot
We get there and they don't take credit cards for impound payments!?!?!?!?
Katie had to borrow money from the teacher and write her a check to reimburse the amount
Paid 109 dollars to get the car back! REDIC
here is the tow truck

My IPHONE crapped out too!
something with the speaker. You cant hear a caller.
Its an apple problem so if you run into this go do the apple store.
They replaced my phone free of charge! 
Just a heads up!


Went to the mid-night premiere last night!
painful on the body but so fuN!
I read all the books and most of the movies have been a disappointment...
so good
They acting was way better and def. worth seeing.
Some pics of us in the theater 2 hrs early
Yeah...i'm wearing a twilight shirt and no I dont want crap about it :)

Miss you Ashley and Jenn!


Brittany said...

That's too bad you didn't get to sight see in DC. I can't wait to go see Breaking Dawn tomorrow night!

Ashley said...

you are back!!!! ahh!!!!!