Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Good morning bloggers!

hope you are having a great Tuesday so far.
I am out of school for the summer! 
I'm so pumped to have this time off...I don't even know what to do with myself.
I have been going through my pinterest crafts and very soon will have some cool post to share.

I have made a decision....
I am going to be a Big Sister! 
No I don't mean my mother is having a child.
I mean I want to sponsor a child from the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.

If you are not familiar with the organization... They pair you with a youth. (I think the age is 10-14) You commit to hanging out with them twice a month for 18 months.
I know what your thinking. THAT SOUNDS LIKE ALOT.
That was my thoughts too...
I have been feeling challenged though because I don't really do a ton of community service.
I use to do quite a bit in college and now I am lucky to volunteer 6 times a year.
I personally do not think that is enough.

Tonight is the first training. I am nervous.
I have to go for two hours. I also had to do an extensive background check to make sure that I am not a creeper with a criminal record.

I hope that I get paired with someone cool. 
I'm not picky...any of the following will do!
 Can she get any cuter

 I'm pretty sure he would have me laughing all day

 He would ask me to be part of his Goonies squad and we would go on treasure adventures!

I mean these kids look so cool in the movies they must be fun in life right??

Course it could swing the other way and I could get a nightmare like this...

and then I will react like this...

Or maybe like this...

all because I know no matter what I do cute adorable Lindsay would end up like this jailbird/train wreck Lindsay...

Yikes! Needless to say I'm am excited/nervous about this whole thing.

I'll keep you updated.
Here goes nothing :)


Ashley said...

Good luck! Maybe this is good prep for your own kids! lol

Crazy In Love said...

Good luck! I think it is sooo awesome of you to do this! You are really making a difference :)

emily adwartson said...

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