Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm not giving them back!

So I started blogging about a month ago. I ask the Hubster almost everyday if he has read my blog. His NO...NO...WHAT?
What do you mean know? How could you miss it? I sent you a link!
He just laughs it off.....Well get this

About three weeks ago the Hubster lost his sunglasses. TYPICAL! He always loses his sunglasses! So he asked me how long I thought he would be able to keep the current pair that he went out a bought. I said 5 weeks MAX! Well The Hubster is a radio DJ and was talking on air about this whole situation regarding sunglasses and came up with the idea that he would blog everyday about the location of his sunglasses. Pretty funny! Except he still has yet to read my blog! (or does it occasionally!)
So everyday he has been taking pictures of his sunglasses doing different things and posting it to his blog here.

Well his is two weeks in and has yet to ask me to take a picture in the stupid glasses. Last night he even had his grandparents wear his glasses!

Well this morning....I found the alleged glasses in my car. I am not telling him where they are! HAHA
Maybe he will think he lost them all over again and lose the bet! I may even hide them! I guess if he reads my blog then he will know where they are :)

Happy Hunting Hunny...XOXO



Natalie and Lee said...

How funny! Let us know what happens! :)

Anonymous said...

Or I'll just read your blog and realize you have them. I'm gonna need those back.

Well played though...well played.

ambrose thomas said...

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