Friday, May 27, 2011


Last night I finally got my dresses from which I wrote about two weeks ago. I bought two and I'm sending one back. The black dress fits perfectly and I love it. I will try and take a picture when I try it out. I did buy a wrap dress though and it did not turn out how I thought. It was very long and came very close to my ankle....its going back.

We had our first major house catastrophe in a few months. We have a condo and have central air. We recently bought a window air conditioner for our master bedroom so that it would be really cold in our room to sleep. Last night we were adjusting it in the upstairs window and there was some miscommunication and it fell out the 2nd story window and broke the window in our downstairs living room. SO NOW WE LOOK LIKE THE CLAMPETS! I hate that! I have to start looking for someone to fix it...ugg i hate doing that! oh well. Just another day in the life!