Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's Okay Thursday!

I'm linking up for It's Okay Thursday

It's okay that yesterday instead of going to the gym I went out to dinner with a friend
It's okay that I spent the even doing crafts and burning my thumb severely with a hot glue gun
Its okay that this morning I touched my arm to the hot tea kettle and burned my wrist
Its okay that I'm whining about the two burns I received in the last 24 hours
Its okay that I did not really feel like blogging today but then "It''s Okay" came along :)
Its okay that my birthday is not for three weeks and I have already been planning how to celebrate
Its okay that I love fall and yet despise Halloween
Its okay that I'm dying to dress up our wiener dog as a hot dog in a bun for Halloween
Its okay that the knob on my heater in the car broke and now I have no way to defrost the window

I hope everyone else is having a burn free Thursday :p


Brittany said...

Looks like you have had bad luck with burning yourself! I have never heard of "It's Ok Thursday," I will have to remember this! :)

Caroline said...

Oh, no! Don't burn yourself anymore.

Victoria said...

i burned my arm on my oven last night! :)

Emily said...

I burnt myself on my hot glue gun about a month ago, it sucks!! Hope your burns heal quickly.

Love the Halloween costume idea for your dog, lol!

Amber said...

Girl, this just isn't your week ;) take care of those burns!

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