Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cupcake fail!

Last week I found a recipe over at for some red white and blue cupcakes. I was really excited to try it this weekend. So I gave it a whirl....
The following pictures are of the cupcake recipe from the Internet.

 Look how delicious her's look! I love that they were so dark on the inside...
Now below are the pictures of my cupcakes...wah wah.
Total bummer. I used a whole tube of the gel coloring gel that she suggested and the inside and the frosting both turned out lite pink and blue. They look like a good cupcake for a baby shower but they didn't exactly scream RED WHITE AND BLUE!
Oh well... My suggestion it to get some good old dark food coloring for future attempts.

Oh well... Have a great rest of the week everyone!


Anonymous said...

i like pink better than red anyway :)

Emily said...

I saw your comment over on my blog and had to head over to check your cupcakes out! I'm sorry they didn't turn out :( I got my food coloring at Michaels and it worked great! Your icing looks fancy....I tried that and my baggie busted open so I had to just spread it on....I made such a mess, lol!