Monday, July 18, 2011

DIY Chair

My parents gave me this chair about 2 years ago. I the seat was completely demolished. It was old and had springs from a few decade ago and the springs were broken. I took on this project thinking I would be able to fix the springs myself. Needless to say that is why I have had the chair for two year. I finally accessed the situation this year and realized this spring deal was a bigger project than I could take on. I took the seat over to the Amish and they went to work fixing it. Apparently this chair is so old that they spring no longer come in that size anymore. This is not a picture of my chair... but you get the general idea. I forgot to take a picture of the seat before I dropped it off at the Amish store.

Here is a picture of my actual chair while it is missing the seat. This picture does not really show but it is a rocker as well. I paid the Amish store 25 dollars to redesign the seat. I thought that was pretty reasonable since they did the hard part.

 I went over to hobby lobby and was looking through their upholstery fabric. I decided to do something neutral since I really don't have a place for this chair. I wanted it to work wherever I decide to put it. I got fabric that had been marked down 30% and then I got an additional 40% off because of their coupon. So I spent 6 dollars of fabric! I still have alot left too....a steal.

I went to work with my staple gun and fabric and here is the finished product

I am really happy with the result. Now I just have to find a room where it will be a nice addition. Either way. I really am happy with the project.

Have a great week everyone!


Ashley said...

awesome! looks great!

Melonie said...

I bought that chair at an antique store 10 years ago!!! Nice job refinishing it!!