Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What a Weekend...

I hope everyone had a great and relaxing weekend while they celebrated our country's independance. I am still off for one more day...thank you vacation time! wahoo.

Where should I start! I gues with this.... If you live in the Ohio you should follow CityScene on Twitter. They are a local magazine but they do give aways in the area. So I'm off on friday and I get a text from one of my girlfriends telling me to get on my twitter/facebook account becuase City Scene is doing a giveaway. Here is there tweet.
So I got on and was 1st to claim tickets! Wahooo.... I won! I got three free tickets!

I would recommend going. You can take a blanket and a picnic. You sit out and listen to the Columbus Symphony Orchestra. The Ohio State Marching Band played. At they end they did a fireworks display! Totally worth it. Here are a few pics of the event.

nick and Suzi

Me and the Hubster- yikes this picture is a little ruff

Annie and Steve-Annie is the one who tipped me off to the tickets!

After the star spangled banner- John is on the right snuggling my hubby?

Here is the orchestra
Here is 25 seconds of fireworks accompanied by the Columbus Symphony Orchestra!

We also went to visit my grandma at her cabin on the ohio river.  Here is a picture of a boat coming down the river. I love to go and relax and play on the water. We did alot of jet skiing/boating/swinging out on tarzan ropes. Sorry I didnt take more pictures. When you are camping in a tent with some rain and lots of elements...not really camera friendly.

View of the Ohio River


Ashley said...

I hate that you are off right now and its so nice outside! please soak up some pool time for me...while I sit in the office making group calls...lol C - you tomorrow!

Katie said...

Do you guys work together?! I'm lost! haha Love the pictures!