Tuesday, July 19, 2011

He Says....She Says

This post is inspired from a post i saw by CMae a few weeks ago...
Biggest pet peeve: Traffic- I hate driving behind people who are going slower than the speed limit

Most hated food: Tomato's---or anything with tomato in it

Most despised style of music: Country

Chore to avoid: Cleaning up the yard after the dogs

Worst trend imaginable: auto tune

Idea of the worst vacation: Russia in the winter...burr


Biggest pet peeve: When people leave the toilet seat up...luckily my husband isnt' one of them

Most hated food: I don't like hot sauce...the kind that makes your mouth flame- also asparagus

Most despised type of music: polka

Chore to avoid: doing the laundry

Worst trend imaginable: scrunchies!

Idea of the worst vacation: Someone not far from home, then it does not really seem like a vacation


Melonie said...

I like scrunchies.....lol....Dont judge me! lol
you wore them too!!!

Emily said...

I avoid laundry too. Blah!