Thursday, July 14, 2011


 I have the best husband ever!
Yesterday I was feeling kinda blue...and we were having some friends over for dinner. When I got home my hubby had already cleaned the house, vacuumed, gone to the store for ingredients and bought me flowers. If that isn't a mood lifter I don't know what is. Thanks Hunny.
 On to my original post for today...
The Women's Soccer team is doing AMAZING!
In honor of their accomplishment thus far I'm going to give them a little shout out!
She did it again. For the second straight match, Abby Wambach came up with a header to score an important goal for the U.S. This time it was in the 79th minute to put the U.S. ahead of France in a semifinal it would go on to win 3-1, putting the Americans in the Women's World Cup final for the first time since they won it in 1999.

The girl celebrating!

1999 after they won the title- She got alot of flack for taking of her jersey! I say more power to ya!

Lets show some national spirit as we cheer the US on their way to the World Cup!


Ashley said...

how nice of the hubs! pretty flowers!!!

Jessica Nicole said...

Lucky girl! and GO USA! :)