Monday, July 25, 2011

DIY framing a painting

Happy Monday!

Well...this has been a DIY on my list for over a year. We went to Jamaica last summer and ended up buying a painting. It was pretty large and we had to take the canvas off the frame in order to get it home safely. I have had this painting rolled up in my office for over a year! I know...pathetic!
Me and the honey decided to remedy this problem. We went to lowe's and bought some wood and "L" brackets and Jared and I built a frame. I watched the below tutorial on how to stretch a canvas. This was a great lesson and I'm glad I have learned this skill. I thought I would shared some of the pictures of our little adventure.

Here is the UTUBE tutorial I used

Here is the can see the canvas is no attached to anything and the edges are white

Here is Jared screwing in the "L" bracket to support the corners and make is strong

Here is a picture of the completed frame..and my foot apparently

This is the final product after we used the staple gun just like the tutorial
I'm so glad this project is done! I don't think I will worry next time the Hubby wants to buy art on vacation. Besides building the frame...stretching the canvas was easy peezy.


Becca {A Blonde's Logic} said...

Well done! And a great idea!


Anonymous said...

What a great diy, thanks!

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