Monday, July 11, 2011

DIY (sorta)

 We just got a Hobby Lobby in the last 2-3 months. I have yet to visit this till this weekend. I love craft type stores. I can always feel my creative juices pumping once I get in there. After going to Hobby Lobby I think I just found my new favorite craft store. I blow Michael's and Jo-Ann's out of the water. At least in my opinion. I think though that if you need to get alot of fabric or have lots of fabric options that Jo-Ann's is still your place.

I went to a garage sale over the weekend and I got this dry erase board. It is just the right size to fit on the refrigerator. One magnets!? I bought it anyway and decided I would do an little mini DIY. I bought some other supplies for future DIY's so get ready!

I just super glued 4 magnets to the back of the board

After-complete with little message for the hubby

I also got this great bag...for 50 cents! I was so excited! You can never have to many beach bags!

The last deal that I found while out at garage sales was a rice steamer. I was excited because it was practically brand new and it was five dollars. You can cook a while dinner in this little gem. It will also steam meat and vegetables. If you wondering...I paid 5 dollars.

Happy Monday everyone!


Anonymous said...

just got a hobby lobby?! that is crazy! i visit that store at least once a week! i love it!
Great garage sale finds! It is amazing what you can score at them!