Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I have decided to take on the Ten Day Challenge. In part because I don't really post things like this and it will be a good way to get to know all of you better.

#1. I secretly love my freckles. I pretend that they sorta bother me because none of my friends have them...but in reality I swear that it helps hide my skin imperfections. Whenever I complain about a breakout people always say WHERE? It my secret camouflage!
#2. I have a tattoo....and I plan to get another. I hope my family is not reading (karen & deedee) ;)
#3. I do not wash my hair everyday. I prefer it on the second day. It just cooperates a little better

#4. I sometimes stash money...from everyone! (hubby included)

#5. I fantasize about getting flowers at work and being called down to the desk to get them in front of everyone. I won't tell Jared though because I want him to think of it on his own. Hope he does not read this post. That would totally kill it. Don't get me wrong ladies he gets me flowers just not delivered.

#6.  I have never colored my hair.... I have wanted to really bad but am a total chicken.

#7. I love coupons/discounts/BOGO. I love to save money...I don't know but I get such a kick out of a discount. I'm weird....I know it!

#8. I secretly wonder if I will love my future children as much as I love my dog? (BAD MOMMY)\

#9. I miss the days of non joint bank accounts! Oh how I miss the freedom

#10. I dream of having a very cozy reading nook that I can lay all day in.

Happy Tuesday... Stick around for the next challange!


Nicole said...

ME TOO....I always wonder if I could love a kid as much as my dogs and when people say my love will change and I wont love my animals as much if I have kids....it makes me SO mad!

Amber said...

Your freckles are so cute! I'd love a reading nook too!

Anonymous said...

i often wonder the same thing about loving my future children as much as i love my pup! i know i will...but it will be hard to imagine until i have the babe in my arms!

Ashley said...

yay! you started the challenge!

I want flowers at work too!!! Lets tell eachothers significant others to get us some ..{secretly} hehe

Emily of The Best of this Life said...

What a fun post!
I promise you - you WILL love your children far more than your dog... I adore my pup, but Lord knows, I'm IN LOVE with my darling little angel!

Love the idea of a cozy reading nook...they're the best!

xo Emily

Katie said...

Flowers delivered at work are the best! I can totally see your reasoning on this : ) I want to do this challenge too when we get back from our trip!!

Ashley Slater said...

I love this because I have thought the same thing about my future kids/dog!!!!!! shhhhhhhh!!! :)


Holly said...

Great secrets! I might do this challenge soon...

Making the button is actually a lot easier than that tutorial makes it look. I could e-mail you better instructions if you'd like, just let me know!

Meggan of Lila Grace said...

Love this post! I so want to have a reading nook too, and also love coupons :)

Lori said...

love this challenge! btw, i totally love freckles. i have none, but i think they are just adorable :)


trishie said...

i love freckles too, i think they look very cute.