Thursday, August 18, 2011

Clippers Game and 50 Cent Wings

Columbus Clippers RING YOUR BELL!

Last week they were having 50 cent wing night at the clippers game!? I mean who can really pass that up. Plus we have free tickets thanks to the amazing Lauren!
Can't get any better than that.
They built the stadium a few years and it looks so good.

The Boys

The Girls

Looks at the guys behind us who look totally annoyed that we are taking pictures at a baseball game.
So 3 of the 4 girls got up to go to the bathroom....and the guys behind us... over my shoulder...started making all these jokes about girls who go to the bathroom in packs. They must not have thought I could hear them or else they didn't care. Good thing I'm easy going because I actually thought that it was pretty funny. Oh well...get used to it boys.
Its a girl thing.

Have a happy Thursday everyone!


Ashley Slater said...

so glad you liked my baby ice cream bowl creation :)

p.s. did you know your comments are set to a no reply e-mail so you comment and others receive it in their e-mails they can't reply? Just wanted to tell you, I am working on changing mine because it does the same thing and that is so frustrating!

Happy thursday to you!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Love baseball games. Went a few weeks ago and have yet to post my pictures! Thanks for the reminder. The guys in the back looked funny:-)

Ashley said...

love 50 cent wing night :) and i never ever go to the bathroom alone!

birdie to be said...

Looks like a blast! You always have such fun pics up... I love it!

Kelley @ Kelley Maria said...

I love going to baseball games in the summer!

Ashley Slater said...

p.s. I am hosting a giveaway for ashley from the shine project today. It is a really cute custom necklace! You should check it out and enter!!

The Shine Project Giveaway

Ashley said...

sports and food.... LOVE.


Holly said...

I LOVE the Clippers!!! So fun :)

Amber said...

Can't beat cheap wings!