Tuesday, August 16, 2011

DIY Hanging a Plate

My Mom bought me this plate last year for Christmas. The plate has a bunch of different places that we went while we were in Paris. I have no idea what to do with it since it is just one plate?!
I was at Hobby Lobby and I walked past this little gem...

Its a plate display hanger!? Now that I can work with.

I have this empty space above the oven so I hung my plate here

Here is what it looks like displayed

 I still want to do something on the sides of the plate like write "Bon Appetit" or something. I will have to go
back and look for a stencil.

I'm also open to other suggestion ideas to complete this little project.

Here is a closer shot of the plate just in case you were interested.

Last week I linked up with Little Girl in a Big World to do the snail mail swap. Last Night I got my package from Amber, over at Brunch with Amber. Thanks for the surprises Amber! :)

There was a little card. Two nail polishes and a Burt's Bee's chap stick. I actually have never tried this chap stick so I am excited to give it a whirl .

Have a great Tuesday Everyone


Amber said...

Oooh I love that plate! I'm so happy you liked your gifts. Burt's Bees is my FAVE, and I'm sure that you'll love it once you try it too :)

Catherine said...

my mother-in-law was in town this past weekend helping me decorate and i knew i wanted to hang plates but wasn't sure where. she said her motto for any empty funny looking space is to 'hang a plate there'.

now our guestroom is the new home of my mirror & plate wall!

love yours!

Ashley said...

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I'm thinking about doing a new feature on my blog of places in Ohio (I'm calling it "i <3 ohio"). I'd like Ohio bloggers to tell about their hometown or favorite city/town. I was wondering if you might be interested? I am only in the beginning stages asking bloggers to participate, but I thought of you as a fellow Ohio blogger. I can keep your blog anonymous if you'd like so no one knows your hometown or you can choose a surrounding city that you are familiar with. Let me know if you might be interested and I'm thinking I'll probably get this started at the beginning of September! You can email me at demureprincess7(at)gmail(dot)com