Thursday, August 4, 2011

Crazy Storms

This weekend was suppose to be a relaxing weekend at the lake....correction...that DID NOT happen. First we there was too many of us so we ended up staying in two different cabins. I'll just say that Jared and I got the more RUSTIC of the two. I should have taken a picture. I mean it looked exactly like I imagine the three bear's cottage to look like. This place didn't have air conditioning and it was about 93 degrees. That may not be hot to some of you, but in OHIO with HUMIDITY=HOT.
Needless to say that we spent most of the time in the nice house with everyone else until the crazy rental lady came and told us we were not allowed to have dogs!? What? you might have mentioned that 2 days ago when we got here. So we had to keep all the dogs in the cabin with no air. We had 5 fans going to keep them STUPID! Then we were told since it's a private beach that there are no dogs allowed. I wanted to scream at all these stupid rules!
At this point things are not going well. I was still looking forward to the big cook out that we were going to have to celebrate 5 people's birthday but then the craziest storm hit. In the span of 5  mins. We were pulling in the jet ski's out of the wather and this monsoon struck. Jared saw a  man trying to deflate these giant water blow up toys and he got tossed in the air like he was weightless. The aftermath was pretty scary. Trees everywhere...houses destroyed. Luckily we were safe. A giant branch fell right outside my window. Missing me and the dogs by like 10 feet.  The storm took out the power so we couldnt make any of  the sidedishes for the cookout. After all that we decided to eat and go home early. There was no way we could stay in the cabin with no fans since the eletric was out. Here are a few pictures of the storm aftermath!
This is the tree that landed outside my window

Here is my sister holding the hail that had already melted for 5 big!

There is "Beans" in the right corner

Here is the house that a huge tree came down on

Here is us right after the storm...poor Jared was not happy about taking this picture!

I think I may have to try an plan a weekend getaway for me and the hubby. We thought this would be a nice relaxing vacation for us and that didn't happen. Anyone know of a cheap vacation spot or rental? We are in Ohio. Open to thoughts!


Ashley said...

This kinda reminds me of our camping experience, but seems like "your" storm was worse ... :( you and hubs need another getaway!

Kaylee said...

Hey Girl,

We have a lake trailer on Lake Erie near Vermillion now but down the road there is a little joint that isn't too pricey. Now, the rooms aren't awesome (they do allow dogs!) but they have AC. They also have a beach (very small beach) that allows dogs. A pool too. This joint is more of a motel with individual cabin rooms rather than one room attached to another and another. They do not have kitchens or anything in them (mini fridge yes, you can ask for one). It's called Plantation Motel on Rt 6 between Huron and Vermillion. Not sure if it helps, but we've stayed there a few times.

Catherine said...

wow! time to plan yet another trip! glad everyone is ok, though.

Emily said...

Oh wow, I'm glad you're ok!

We love going to Hocking Hills for a weekend. It's not super cheap but it's just have to shop around for the right cabin! We've stayed at 'Cabins at Cedar Grove' and 'Whispering Pines Cabins' and we loved both!

Becca {A Blonde's Logic} said...

Wow! Sounds like an adventure! Glad your okay!


Nicole said...

you look so excited and jared looks not.
too funny.
glad you stayed safe.
boooooo on dog haters!