Monday, June 6, 2011

Cleveland Boat Tour Reception

Hope everyone had a great weekend! We got to celebrate with some good friends this weekend. Nick and Megan got married almost a year ago overseas. They were both stationed in Europe serving in our military. We are so proud of your sacrifices!
Now they are coming home to the states finally to be on a base at home. They family planning a very small reception that we had the honor of being invited too. We went on a Cleveland cruise and dining ship. It was alot of fun and I have included some pictures of the happy couple and our adventure. Also I put a link to the cruise line because if you live in Ohio this would be another cool place to check out.

Happy Couple

Isn't she lovely

what a pair?!

The Hubster & Me

1st & only dance

View from the top of the ship


Holly said...

Your blog is so cute! Are you from Cleveland, OH?! Because so am I! Check out my blog :)

Brunette & Blessed said...

Thanks so much holly