Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What a Weekend!

Hey Everyone! Can you believe its almost fourth of July...I can't!

This weekend the Hubster and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary. I have included some brief photos of our journey. Unfortunately I didn't take my real camera. I wanted to get a shot of my dress from White House Black Market!? bummer!

The first place we went to is called "Color Me Mine." It like a studio where you can go pick out bare ceramic piece and then paint them. They will glaze and fire it for you and then you have your own designed piece of artwork. We were here for 2.5 hours. We had so much fun. Even Jared said how cool the place was.

Here is the pottery wall. 1st you go pick a piece to start painting

Here is out table. That butterfly is the color pallet

Here is the Hubster diligently working on his mug. IT TOOK HIM FOREVER...CAN WE SAY PERFECTIONIST!

Here is us with our finished pieces. I did a cereal bowl and cared made a coffee mug.

Here we are before heading out to dinner...to bad you cant see the dress.
 I don't know if you can see this but I bought a my first lipstick this weekend! I know...shock. I'm just more of  a colored gloss kind of girl. Jared mentioned recently that he likes fire engine red lip color. So I bought this bright pink...Yikes. I looked like a hooker. Does anyone else have this problem. I wiped about 3/4's of it off and the color I have on in this picture is the result. I liked it alot one it was mellowed out and covered with gloss.

For dinner we went to the House of Japan. They do a whole show on the grill right in front of you. So much fun. Do you like bean sprouts? They are amazing!
See the lady behind the chief...in the above picture. She was so annoying. I think this picture almost perfectly catches the scowl she had on her face the whole night. I'm glad she was at the other end of the table. I felt bad for the chief though because she kept telling him what to do.
Here is the flaming volcano made out of onions

Here is us at the dinner table

Opening Comedian Tim Gather
 The first comedian was so hysterical. He sounds very country! I cried that I laughed so hard. We were at a table right next to the stage. I was so afraid the whole time that they were going to point and say stuff about the crowd and then we were be fresh meat! Luckily that didn't happen.

Headliner Brent Ernst
This second comedian was still pretty good. He straight up sounds like he is from Jersey Shore.
Well now you have journeyed with us though our entire day! We had a really fun time and I would recommend finding a local "Color Me Mine."


Katie said...

Love House of Japan :) We go to Genji a lot too off of Sawmill Rd! YUMYUM. Happy anniversary!

Emily said...

I've always wanted to go to Color Me Mine, it looks so fun! My hubby isn't so artistic so I'm not sure if he'd enjoy it but I might drag him there anyway :)

Happy Anniversary!!

Anonymous said...

Hi - am your Newest Follower!
Visiting from what im loving wed blog hop-

I've done color me mine - it was so expensive though and I didn't like what i made!!!

Love the Asian chef show - we have Saitu down here which puts on a great one...the food ends up being delicious, too - no sacrifice for entertainment which is good!

Best wishes,