Monday, June 13, 2011

Columbus Zoo & RadioU 5k

On Friday the hubby ran in the radioU 5k with a couple of his buddies. He came in 4th out of like 400 men and women. He did really great! so proud. Here is a picture of me and my girlfriends hanging out getting ready for the race to begin. Unfortunately I was to busy cheering to get a picture of the people actually running. I know...I'm lame!

Also went to the Columbus Zoo this weekend. It has been awhile since I have gone but it was alot of fun. I did manage to get a few pictures while we were here! The Columbus Zoo has won so many awards for being one of the best Zoo's in the United States. If you are in Ohio this is a trip that should be on your list to visit. They recently built a polar bear exhibit and you can walk into a bubble under the tank and watch them swim! It is the best exhibit in my opinion. They also have a baby elephant! Although he is growing fast and he is already growing baby tusks.

I know its a bear but it just looks so cuddly

This otter just kept swimming over and giving us a cute

The penguins were molting. Here he is pulling out some feathers.

This next picture is not of the zoo but we took Frank to the pet store and he was eye level with this bird. He was having a staring contest and was very intrigued by this feathered creature behind the glass.


Hannah said...

Aww these pictures are so fun!! Congrats to your husband, that is so amazing! Makes me want to be athletic...hahah! Your puppy is sooo cute, too :)

Ashley Slater said...

I want to go to a zoo so has been years since I have been to a legit one! also, love your doggy in the pet store! They are so entertaining!!!