Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cooking Class with Faith Durand

Yesterday night I went to a cooking class that we being put on my church.  They are going to be sponsoring these classes once a month. I think there was about 40 people there who came out to learn new recipes. It is more of a demonstration class then hands on. When we got there we were given this spritzer of sorts with cherries on a stick to garnish. It was pretty good but since it looked like kool-aid I was expecting something sweeter. We went over the recipes for four different dishes. I plan on trying a few of these next week so I’m not going to give you the recipe yet ; P
Got to make sure it works first!

The lady who is teaching the class is Faith Durand. I would go to more classes she puts on. She was very sweet and a good presenter. She one of those experience chiefs who just keeps adding stuff till it tastes good…I’m not sure I will master that. She did give measurements though for those of us who are not so experienced.
Faith teaching us some skills

Cant wait to make this pork! Soooo delicious!

Faith is the author of a cookbook called, “Not your mothers casserole.” I cant wait to try this book. Some of the cover pictures look so delicious. Plus she is a from Columbus, which makes me want to support her! She also taught me that I need to go check out the Indian food store. She had this rice that was amazing, but was a texture I had never seen. Apparently this little gem is not at the local grocery.

Here is Faith's Casserole book. I cant wait to check it out for myself! You can also find her at thekitchn.com as she is the author of an online food blog/magazine