Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tribute to Kisses!

Has anyone else seen this picture? About the girl who fell during the riot in Canada and her boyfriend leaned down to give her a kiss in the mist of helping her up!? I LOVE IT...
Just the cutest story... of course the hubby thinks its all fake... I don't care... I LOVE IT.
Here's a picture if you missed it!

so romantic!

Tribute to some famous "knock your socks off" kisses!


Hannah said...

OH My goodness when I saw that riot picture I about died! Although I am curious as to whether it was set up or not! But these other pictures are sooo stinkin cute :)

The Tiny Team said...

Oh my gosh! That riot picture is so sweet! I'll just pretend it's not fake even if so! Haha!

cute post!


ashlyn said...

i haven't seen it, but thanks for sharing! & i love all the other pics -- those are some of my favorites!

cute blog -- newest follower! :]


Hannah J. Holmes said...

That picture seems to have gone viral across the internet and rightly so - what a photo! Love your tribute to famous kisses! what a great idea :)

Melonie said...

you should have included the Notebook kiss!!