Friday, June 3, 2011

Plants & Haircuts

Well...we did some more planting. This is definitely more planting than I have done in my life! See some pics of the new plants below! enjoy the summer and these precious flowers that never seem to last.

my new tomato plant!

well I have ditched my seeds of Rosemary for this awesome Rosemary bush from home depot, Yeah for fresh herbs!
 So after planting for a few hours the Hubster hears the familiar jingle of the ice cream truck. I have never seem him get so excited. He start yelling at me to go get him some ice cream before the truck pulls away. I started laughing before I realized he was serious and ran out to catch the truck. I figured I would have to fight thought the kids to get some ice cream....NO NO... I WAS THE ONLY ONE on the whole street flagging down the ice cream man. #lamejuice. Oh well it was pretty delicious. I got a strawberry banana Popsicle.

notice the hair that is stuck to my sweat! yuck!

In better news... I finally got my haircut! I love it. Amber always does such an amazing job! If you live in columbus you have to try out this hair salon... Ask for Amber :)
how come I can never get my hair to replicate this later!?


Hannah J. Holmes said...

I don't think it's lame to flag down the ice cream truck -- that's awesome! ice cream = priority