Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday

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I recently discovered the CVS ExtraCare Program.  I caught an episode a month ago of extreme couponing and was amazed at the savings these people were getting. I thing that they might be sichotic extreme in their craft, but I do like the idea of getting to keep some of your money at the grocery store.
Well one of the bloggers I follow, explains a little bit in how to get some of these discounts and was sharing a fews tips a week ago here. So I decided to give it a try. I went to CVS and bought the nail polish they were advertising for $4.99 but you got $4.00 dollars in ExtraCare rewards (basically you got $4.00 of in store credit/gift card). I bought 6 polishes for about $30.00 dollars and got a rebate of $24.00 of in store credit. Well I was so excited that I just went and sent it right after I checked out on a bunch of make-up. So I thought I would share a little of the tips with you because currently I am loving CVS ExtraCare Program!

I am also loving Revlons expert wear eye makeup! I bought 4 of their different shades conbinations and now I wear them regularly. 

I also just bought  Cover Girls Fruit Spriters. They are delicious! I got a one that is tinted pick and tastes like watermelon. It is a very smooth and summery gloss but does not really give the color. Just as a heads ups. 

Another Cover Girl Product that I was dieing to try was their Smoky Shadow Blast. I thought it was going to be this magic sexy eye stick. Boy was I wrong....I should have known. I dont like makeup that is a hybrid between an liquid and a solid. It never tends to stay on your eye it kind of smooshes into the crease of your eye. The application does not really give the desired effect. I have only tried one of the two that I bought so I will keep you updated if the product gets any better but at $11.00 a stick I would think it would have worked better. 

I'm also loving my Dogs! So I thought I would throw a picture of them in today! :)

frank looks a little bug eyed in this


Katie said...

awww I love your doggies!! Do you ever take them to any of the dog parks in Columbus? I take Rocky to the Dublin one occasionally! he likes it but is always so stubborn and thinks he's the man of the house.